We have not come to fear the future, we have come to shape it. – Barrack Obama

Distinguished Unilorites, I am OWOSENI, Adegoke Israel.  A penultimate student of Faculty of Arts, Department of French, University of Ilorin. With the support of my fellow students and their trust, I’m lucky to have served in various portfolios where I have served as a leader and mild follower. I am a testimony to our working and enduring democracy on campus, and in recent time, I’ve learnt that democracy is beyond elections. It should equally be beyond that for us as Unilorites.

We are at a critical stage in the world, where governance has been redefined, where strength and capacity is nothing without good decision-making that can avert negativity and disaster. This critical stage came with a lot of lessons for leaders and followers, at every level of governance, our Unionism is inclusive. We are part of that lesson that a society can be a burden if we envision nothing for our people.

I sell to you falsehood if I promise you heaven and earth, or tell you I’m the best. I offer you fallacy if I tell you castles will be built in the air, or I represent a perfect leader, but I will – with the help of your mandate, if given to me, search for the extra(s) to make our union extraordinary.

Dearest Unilorites premiered on that belief, I hereby use this medium to seek your support to serve as the 34th President of our Union, the Students’ Union, University of Ilorin.

Chinua Achebe once said “a man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body”

That is not our story as Unilorites, my story is part of your story, we know where the rain is beating us and we know where to dry our body. We are people with a specific history and trust in a gradual process, we know where we are going as people, we are not dispossessed people, but we must in our liberty continue to express ourselves and have collective aspirations for a better union, one with enviable legacy and people as its base.

My proposals for the Union, in its purview, are very clear, strategic, and achievable. Thus, my agenda “Developing-Potentials” is a developmental and transformational agenda aimed at improving the standards and wellbeing of our ‘people’. Fostering financial prosperity, building an all-engaging union, reduction of challenges, enacting preparatory platforms that will size the dynamism of the 21st century. In a sequence of trademarks, academic prosperity shall be our priority. Building a technologically informed community, entrepreneurship and social life.

My sole determination is to come on board and create an enabling environment for all these aforesaid to materialize. We must not think with wishes, fears or hope, rather let’s think with our mind and create the union we want in harmony and prosperity.

God bless you all as you share in my philosophical and ideological vision and orientation that is committed to developing “a dream society”, one that is beyond the satisfaction of mere desires…..

I’m the treat, Unilorin is the revival ground!

Support OWOSENI 4 SU President!



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