According to the victim in an online chat with team Africangbedu, he was out with his friends last night, they all went out to watch the friendly match between Nigeria vs Algeria.

As they were returning home after the match @ Ojolocal govt “OKOKO-PPL” area of Lagos state last night they were confronted by the Federal Sars officials.

Bombard with different kind of questions
” Who are u guys ?” “where are you coming from & heading to?

The affected student of the better by far University of Ilorin whose name and department will be withheld due to security reasons was accused of being an Internet fraudster “A Yahoo boy”.

He was forced to unlock his phone and to show his account balance

“U be Yahoo boy abi ?
Give us money now, don’t be stingy the SARS OFFICIAL SAID

Upon refusal he was beaten and driven to their station.
At the station he was tortured alongside his friends, he was instructed to unlock his phone yet he refused

He spent the whole night in detention with hunger & mosquitoes bite
Few hours ago he was released after paying 50 thousand naira [50K] to the FSars official

See pictures below ;

We all have to join hands and fight against this act of injustice
We never know who might be the next victim
Might be U or Me

Let’s all voice out and put an end Federal Sars



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